Big thanks to Spencer Wells and Bitchslap Magazine for covering our opening a couple Fridays ago!  

Please come join us tonight for our closing party from 7-9pm during Williamsburg 2ND Fridays!

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Come on over to 7Dunham tomorrow night for the closing party of RECESS!  It’s been great fun having Liza Farrell, John Garcia, Sara Griffin, and Charlie Masson cover our walls.  Music will be playing and booze shall be served…all we need is YOU!

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Party pics from our opening reception!  Big thanks to Brooklyn Brewery for supporting and providing the free beer!  Please join us for our closing party this Friday, April 11th during Williamsburg 2ND Fridays.

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We hope you can join us this Friday, April 11th from 7-9pm for the RECESS closing party.  

Photo credit Jeremy Ross.

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Congrats to Liza Farrell, John Garcia, Sara Griffin, and Charlie Masson for their successful opening last weekend!  Be sure to swing by 7Dunham in Williamsburg tomorrow from noon to 5pm! 

photos by Jeremy Ross

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A fun grab from last night… Nice hat @louisajean … (at 7Dunham)

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Who’s ready for #recess ? Tomorrow night 7pm. At @7dunham #friday #art #show #brooklyn #nyc #notskrillex (at 7Dunham)

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Brings us much joy to be working with #brooklynbrewery again - from the warehouse to the Dunham. #recess this Friday! (at 7Dunham)

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Nat Brower & Josh Hahn for your #dunhamdaily delight… Check out the our bud Nat’s band #Nancy for some good listening. #nyc #brooklyn (at 7Dunham)

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Good night from the dunny xox (at 7Dunham)

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